artist + Speaker.

There is a natural-born teacher in Nick, and he is motivated to demystify the creative process and demonstrate how it can be relevant to mental health and our everyday well-being. Nick returns to drawing and painting over and over because of the mindfulness it provides him. He aspires to lead workshops and experiences where participants draw to reconnect with their surroundings and take a mental break. 

He used his time while quarantined in France at the beginning of the pandemic to self-publish the book of sight and insight, a collection of images of his artwork along with his techniques for fighting self-judgment in his creative process. 

He also believes a painter’s observational approach to mixing colors can help us practice non-judgment and become aware of our prejudices, a topic he discusses in his presentation “Paint and Prejudice” which he gave at TEDxGeorgetown in March of 2022. Nick is regularly developing outlets to share the lessons and insights he gains from his creative practice.


"The senses are what connect us to the world and to the present moment, the only place where life is truly available." -NCV

upcoming conferences:

- TEDxGeorgetown // March 26, 2022

- Smithsonian Associates // May 7, 2022